Jaimé Fausto (hi-meh) is an above average designer who loves building product

During the day, I try to improve user experiences by removing friction while simultaneously adding little sparks of joy. It’s a never ending problem and I love it. Off hours I love watching people express themselves through art or eating the food they make. Sometimes I try to catch it on camera. I'm originally from San Francisco, but I recently moved to Brooklyn where I’m averaging approximately 4 slices per week. If you want to chat about design, 90's music videos, mood lighting, or just want to meet my dog, feel free to ping me.

My Principles

  • Less certainty, more inquiry
  • Always be helpful
  • Listen to learn
  • Keep my agreements
  • Empower others
  • Reframe challenges
  • Create as much as I consume
  • Positive vibes only
  • Namaste
  • Nike