Jaimé Fausto sometimes makes things

During the day, I try to improve user experiences by removing friction while simultaneously adding little sparks of joy. It’s a never ending problem and I love it. Off hours I love watching others express themselves through their own unique creativity. Sometimes I try to catch it on camera.

Originally from California, I moved to Brooklyn where I’m averaging approximately 4.2 slices per week. If you want to chat about design, 90's music videos, smart lighting, or just want to meet my dog, feel free to ping me →

My Principles

  • Less certainty, more inquiry
  • Always be helpful
  • Keep my agreements
  • Empower others
  • Reframe challenges
  • Create as much as I consume
  • Namaste
  • Nike

Recent Experience


2021 - Current

Senior Product Designer

  • Led the launch of Jasper's first mobile app for both iOS and Android
  • Led design on core features such as symptom tracker, Fitbit integration and sharing with caregivers
  • Helped standardize Jasper’s design system for mobile and web

Rally Health

2018 - 2021

Product Design Team Lead

  • Led design on UnitedHealthcare's Medicare and OptumCare virtual care experiences for web and mobile
  • Partnered with the Design System team to create and audit key components into a new unified design system
  • Mentored junior designers to help find their voice and processes during design reviews and 1-on-1s


2016 - 2018

Product Design Manager

  • The Lead Designer on several Entelo product redesigns including its core search workflow, and profile page
  • Collaborated with our Front-end Engineers to create and manage Entelo's first design system
  • Implemented design processes, focusing on user research, feedback loops, and design sprints


2015 - 2016

Product Design Technologist

  • As part of the Corporate team, I was an integral part in designing and coding workflows for several capstone features including Financings, Stock Expensing and Cap Table reports
  • Designed, built and launched staff tools such as Bulk importer, and Security PIN to make internal processes more efficient