Unbiased Sourcing Mode

Unbiased Sourcing Mode anonymizes and hides specific information from candidates’ profiles that have been known to cause bias. This feature is completely customizable and allows recruiters to anonymize features that they know may influence the way they feel about a candidate. These options help mitigate bias around age, race, gender, education and even family leave.

Unbiased options

From Hackathon to roadmap

In a previous hackathon, we created a anonymize search mode that removed names and avatars. The problem was it was hidden in the user settings. This hackathon I wanted to add two things: Make it more discoverable and add more options.

Rough Prototype

During the hackathon I shared this prototype with an engineer who previously worked on the first anonymize search mode and she immediately got what I wanted to do. We brought in a PM who previously did user research on examples of bias in recruiting. She specced the options while we brainstormed how we can implement an MVP.

Unbiased Mode on
Profile before
Profile after

After presenting to the team, it was added to the roadmap and launched at our Recruiting Automation Summit. Later we added settings on the organizational level, this allowed companies to customize a sourcing standard.