Rethinking The Profile

In 2018, Entelo Launched a different to look at candidates. We moved away from raw resume data to focus on our IA driven "Candidates Insights", including career highlights, likelihood of switching jobs, company fit, skill relevance, and estimated market value.



The Design Sprint

Our new head of product challenged us to rethink the profile, it looked way to much like LinkedIn (our biggest competitor) but didn't differentiate enough. We wanted to provide new information while maintaining what recruiters are looking for. First thing first was interviewing several customers (as well as churned customers) to get candid feedback on our existing profile.

Common Feedback

  • Outdated profile look
  • Inconsistent throughout the platform
  • Hard to read

If you don't like what they're saying, change the conversation

After initial feedback, we created a set of design principles we wanted to accomplish:

  • Make it Dynamic
  • add and explain our Insights
  • Add Third Party Insights
  • Create a Career Trajectory

Mock ups

We created 3 distinct profiles to test with users and took it around the United States to test in person. Our Goal was to see what parts work and what didn't. We tested with over 50 users from 25 different companies.

Combining Best Components

By testing components individually, it streamline this process of combining. We simply took what tested the best.