Jasper Health

Jasper health offers a Smart Planner for appointments, medications and to-dos, symptom and mood tracking, personalized recommendations, and tools to activate support from family and friends.

As the second designer, I led the mobile launch of our planner, led design on core features such as notes, messages, sypmtom tracker and helped standarized our design system.


Senior Product Designer (14th hire)


2021 - Current

Company Size

Series - Seed A

Company Type


Jasper Planner Mobile 1.0

Having a web only app limited our ability to engage our members and send reminders. We designed and shipped our app within 3 months. In addition to leading design, I filled in where ever necessarily from Product management to submitting our app to Apple App Store.

Since our launch in october we have 40% increase in usage and it has a 4.7 rating in the app store

Notes and Documents

All your medical notes and documents in one place


A simple way to organize your medications and supplements and keep track of how, when to take them and review missed dosages

Symptom Tracker

Well-being metrics help you to see and keep track of how you’re doing over time, giving you more insights to bring to your medical team appointments. Integrated with Fitbit & Apple Watch tracking sleep, exercise and mood.

Design System

Standardized a Design system for web and mobile