Lev is a commercial real estate platform that assists borrowers in crafting the right pitch and connecting with suitable lenders for their deals. It also provides lenders with a unified experience to review deals, request documents, and submit quotes.

I was brought in to create a more user-focused experience, establish design principles, and hire/mentor new designers. Additionally, I helped rebrand the company and spearheaded a design thinking culture.


Head of Design


2022 - Current

Company Size

Series B

Company Type


A Borrower/Lender Marketplace

Lev was originally a tech forward white-glove brokerage. Within weeks of me joining the team, we pivoted into a self-service platform for borrowers to manage their deals, prepare materials, and connect with potential lenders.



Loan Expectations

One of the biggest challenges for borrowers is not knowing the current market conditions. We built a Loan Expectations flow to help users size their loans with real-time market data, so they can understand expected terms, optimize their financing requests, and educate themselves.

After the release we saw a 15% in lender responses increase and 10% increase in quotes.

Once a borrower submits a loan request, Lev is able to provide a loan sizing based on current market conditions.

Borrowers are matched and connect with potential matching lenders based on their location and loan request.

Deal Room AI

Another challenge for borrowers is creating a deal room that encompasses their pitch project as well as selling their past to lenders. We created Dealroom AI, which takes a set of documents and creates a polished dealbook in under 10 minutes to help them put their best foot forward.

Since its the release, borrowers use deal room AI 90% vs creating one manually


As we pivoted to a consumer-focused product, we recognized the need for a more modern brand. Along with the executive team, we partnered with an agency to redefine what Lev means. I built a new design system from the ground up.




Design System

I partnered with the front-end team to help build and maintain a component library based on Tailwind

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