Mobile Device Fitness

The Mobile Device Fitness project assessed Genentech's current mobile device state, increased security and improved overall access to Genentech's business tools. Our task was to help every employee get their mobile devices "fit" by having users install a required security profile and update to the latest OS. We strove to do this in the simplest way possible to incentivize users to participate immediately. I was the design lead and took over project management towards the end of the project.

Upon login, each user was able to asses their current state of devices. Employees could choose their preferred instructions and schedule personalized help as needed. The website was built with WordPress to allow simple ongoing edits to the content. A first for Genentech.

--- ## PDF Guide
--- ## Videos After employees completed the "fit" process, they received educational emails, along with custom made videos summarizing new Genentech features.

The ten-month project concluded with 84 percent of Genentech mobile devices being "fit," up 60 percent. 93 percent of users found the Mobile Device Fitness communications and instructions clear and helpful.