Personal Project

Lyft Filters

I love lyft car sharing, its so easy to use. Its so easy that I recently sold my car because I don't use it anymore.[^1] I have had one problem recently though, my dog. Some lyft drivers have rejected me because of her (mainly to due allergies). Its not their fault, lyft doesn't really have a policy about it.

[^1]: Having a motorcycle helps :)

From their help article:

"some passengers will ask to bring their pets along with them when requesting a ride. Unless the passenger has a service animal, it's entirely up to the driver whether or not to allow the passenger’s pet in the vehicle.
We advise passengers to call their drivers right after their requests are accepted to confirm that it's okay to bring their pets."

Thats all fine, but its cumbersome to call and technically its "illegal" for them to pick up phone while driving. So how about letting them know before you request?

Lyft Filters

A simple way of letting your driver know that you need something. Drivers can add what they can do you for you. Whether its allowing dogs or having a charger. I can be anything really, just tap new filter icon and select what you need.

Once you selected your filters, the drivers that can help will appear in blue. There can even be an extra charge for these requests.


Heres a rough prototype[^2] I made with Flinto so you can get a better idea. I understand why lyft wouldn't do this. They don't want a driver to reject anyone, but I think this a fair resolution for both drivers and passengers.

[^2]: Updated with cleaner animations.