Personal Project

Exploring 3D Touch

When Apple announced the new features debuting with the iPhone 6S, I was most excited by 3D Touch which adds a new layer of interaction. 3D Touch recognizes the user's tap pressure, allowing different actions to be associated with light touches or more prolonged holds - like a right-click on a traditional mouse. I think it's a powerful new tool to speed up user workflow and make actions more intuitive. Here are some concepts that I mocked up with Sketch and Flinto.

Things Quick Action

Just tap and hold to quickly add new items to your To-Do List or see what's next for today.

Lyft Quick Action

Long night out at the bar? One tap and hold finds you a driver immediately.

Lyft Peek

Since odds are you're across the street. Peek your driver's information to update pickup information, or cancel your ride.


Trying the find the best image to share? Peek any image and share it immediately, or delete without leaving the screen.

In another lifetime, I used to teach folks totally new to computers. I always encouraged users to click and "play" around with their Macs. I would tell them "If you think you can do it, you probably can." I think 3D Touch will help create this level of intuitive interface for iOS. I can't wait to see what other developers do with it.